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Customer Reviews

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Timothy Boyce

Excellent bread, pastries and butter. Nice eco friendly delivery by bike. Highly recommend.

Hannah Thorne

Really great customer service and the products are really good. I woke up this morning with a text message letting me know that my breakfast was waiting for me outside! Highly recommend

Helen H
Fabulous service and delicious bread

Love the weekly delivery and how you can change your order depending on your needs. Fabulous service and delicious bread.

Will Sims

If you're having a tough few days during the week, you'll be safe under the knowledge that this brown paper package of goodies will turn up reliably on your doorstep every Saturday. I can't even begin to explain how much this has transformed my weekend!
Great for presents, but even better to have it dropped weekly! If only I could give 6 STARS!

Mr John Hinton
Outstanding bread and butter

Outstanding bread and butter. Each loaf lasts a couple of hours, the cultured butter around three to four days. We have sweet treats and preserves as well, and the eclectic choices make every Saturday morning a delight. The ordering, billing, sourcing and delivery are faultless. Thank you B&C!