Our baked goods

High hydration sourdough

We like thin tender crusts and moist, chewy interiors. Our loaves are made with WildFarmed flour and baked in Bermondsey.

Freshly baked pastries still on the tray. Three different types are shown including pan au chocolat.
A freshly baked pan au chocolat on a white plate.
Baked fresh each morning

We rotate between many of London's best bakeries each week to give you a full picture of the capital's pastry scene.

Naturally risen
Sourdough Bagels

Looong fermentation. Stoneground UK flour. Made by Holy Ghost Micro-bakery in Columbia Road.

A cardboard box full of freshly baked bagels.
A plain bagel containing cream cheese and fresh smoked salmon.


Chew valley milk

Milk and butter produced from Guernsey cows to yield a unique golden colour and a beautiful rich flavour.

Hand holding two bottles of The Estate Dairy milk.
A herd of light brown and white cows in a green field with trees behind them.
cold smoked Scottish salmon
Smoked Salmon

Oak smoked salmon from the West Coast of Scotland. Smoked on the Isle of Bute using smouldering wood shavings and sawdust from oak whiskey casks.

Made fresh in Bermondsey

UK's first and only dedicated bakery for oven-fresh, premium granola, baked with the finest ingredients sourced from exceptional producers across the globe.

Granola kitchen under an archway in South London. Two cyclists going fast and a man sitting on the right hand side.
Women in white t-shirt and red bandana sorting through the prepped granola on a shelf.
Hand holding two bottles of Townsend Farm apple juice, with lots of red apples in the background.
Apple trees with blue sky in the background.
Picked and pressed on farm
Apple Juice

Naturally sweet, crisp, and refreshing.

Seasonally pressed from apples grown and hand picked on Townsend Farm. The variety we have available will vary depending on seasonality, but will always be of a unique and exceptional taste.

Handmade in small batches

Bespoke flavours curated by us and made exclusively for Butter & Crust. We'll rotate the flavour each week to keep your tastebuds on their toes.

Stacked up glass jars of different coloured preserves.
Hand holding a small jar of Butter & Crust's Apricot & White Tea handmade/organic preserves.
The front of Monmouth Coffee cafe. Several people inside enjoying or ordering coffee.
Coffee beans growing.
Selected beans from single farms
Monmouth Coffee

Sourced from single farms, estates and cooperatives. Roasted in South East London.