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We're Ollie & NIc

Two South London locals that started delivering bread and pastries to our neighbours during the pandemic.

We got started around full time office jobs, donning our cycling gear on the weekend to drop off bundles of baked goods to our friends, family and neighbours nearby.

We delivered our first bundles on Saturday 7th November 2020. Ollie collected the 24 loaves + pastries that we needed for the day at 4:00AM on his trusty cargo bike (our order was too small for the bakery to deliver to us).

We packed up our orders and off we went on our bikes to deliver our first bundles. Some went to friends and family, but most went to you, real customers - and it couldn't have made us any happier.

To our delight, people liked what we were doing and the word spread. Now we’re working on Butter & Crust full time and delivering our bundles to thousands of Londoners every weekend.

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Our thinking is simple

You shouldn’t have to faff around making trips to the high street to enjoy fresh sourdough and croissants on the weekend. Woudn’t it be nice if you could just wake up to fresh bread and pastries waiting for you on your doorstep? 

Not just because it's an easy way to have something for the whole family to look forward to each week. But because we bring positive change to the food system too. Bakeries and delis waste huge amounts of surplus bread and pastries every day. We bake everything fresh to order so there is no food waste and we pass those savings on to you. Talk about win-win!