Freshly baked goods, delivered to your doorstep
Invest in Butter & Crust

We're raising £200k and want you to join our journey. With investment we will deliver:

  • London-wide delivery within 12 months
  • Launch in other cities in 2024
  • 5,000 new customers acquired by 2025
  • £12m in revenues by 2026
We're growing rapidly and want you to join us 🚀

In 2023 to date we've grown at an annualised rate of 475%.

  • £500,000 annual recurring revenue
  • £300 average customer spend
  • £8.88 cost of acquiring a customer

A fast-growth weekend breakfast subscription that customers love

We deliver freshly baked goods and breakfast products to our customers’ doorsteps for them to wake up to on the weekend. Think Freddie's Flowers but for really good bread and pastries. As everything is baked to order (unlike at bakeries or cafés) there's no food waste which gives us a huge cost advantage over our competitors.

It started with a simple thought

Who wouldn't want to wake up to fresh bread and pastries on their doorstep?

A lockdown community success
We've come a long way

During the pandemic we started delivering bread and pastries to our neighbours.

Now we're delivering to thousands of customers a month, all through our growing fleet of in-house cargo cyclists.

Where we are today

2,500 orders a month
£500,000 turnover
475% annual growth rate (2023)
Delivering to SE and SW London postcodes

Where we're going

London-wide delivery within 12 months
Launch in other cities in 2024
5,000 new customers acquired by 2025
£12m revenues in 2026

Our business has several key advantages

Stable revenue

Subscriptions provide us with reliable revenues come rain or shine

Traditional outlets can have their footfall halved by a change in the weather

Zero waste

Everything is baked to order so we produce no food waste and avoid the associated costs

Competitors work on forecasts and produce huge amounts of food waste or leave money on the table by selling out early

Batch delivery

We pack and deliver orders all in one go and enjoy low packing & delivery costs

Food delivery apps prepare and deliver orders one-by-one which leads to huge cost and inefficiency

A lean team backed by exceptional advisors

Oliver Brenman

Ex Revolut, Bank of England

CEO, Product, Strategy

Nic Leeuwis

Ex AdriDev

COO, Fulfilment, Expansion

Em Whittaker

Ex Deliciously Ella, Nurture brands

Marketing, Content, Growth

Freddie Garland

Founder: Freddie's Flowers

Steven Rimmer

Senior Independent Director @ Seedrs

David de Jong

FeverTree, Minor Figures, KissMy

Greg Brenman

Founder & CEO: Drama Republic

The opportunity
Targeting a £50m valuation by 2026

By expanding our service area and investing in marketing we believe we can increase our annual revenues from £500,000 to £12m over the next 3 years. This would align to a ~£50m valuation.

Investor Perks


A free loaf delivered every week for 1 year


A free bundle worth £20 delivered every week for 1 year


A free bundle worth £20 delivered every week for 3 years


10 free £20 bundles if an investor tells us you referred them

+50% tax relief on investment
SEIS Available

We're been approved to raise under the Seed Enterpirse Investment Scheme (SEIS).

This allows investors in this round to claim +50% of their investment back in tax relief.

Why invest?

The potential return on investment is great

We're a rapidly growing start-up with a simple, scalable and proven business model.

Keen to get in early on a high-growth start-up? This is your opportunity.

An investment that's good for the planet

Food-waste is responsible for 8% of all emissions in the UK. Baked goods are among the most wasted.

Join our revolution! Every bundle is baked to order and delivered by bicycle.

It's incredibly easy to make an investment

If you'd like to be a part of our journey we'll send you a digital investment agreement for us both to sign.

Simply review, e-sign, and transfer the funds. The whole process can be completed in a few hours.

A guide from Ollie
How to proceed
  1. Request our pitch deck
  2. I'll answer any questions by email or video call
  3. Tell me how much you would like to invest
  4. I'll send you an investment agreement
  5. You wire us the investment and we issue you with shares
  6. We'll help you claim SEIS tax relief

We're taking investments now - no need to wait.

Frequently Asked questions

Communicate your intended investment amount to We'll send you a signed investment agreement. Simply review, e-sign, and wire your investment. We will then instantly issue you with your shares. We can complete everything on the same day and are ready right now.

No. The whole process can be completed in a few hours.

Once you let us know that you'd like to invest we'll send you an Investment Agreement. You'll then be able to review, e-sign, and complete the investment right away. It's easy peasy.

We want to continue growing the business quickly. That will involve spending money on setting up new sites, making investments in equipment such as electric cargo bikes, and putting fresh money into marketing.

By investing you will become an owner of shares in the company.

Any profits that are not reinvested into the company will be paid out to shareholders.

As we grow the business the value of your shares would be expected to rise. You may then be able to make considerable profit by selling your shares in the future.

Even if we do not grow the value of the company and you are only able to sell you shares for what you bought them for, you would still make a +100% return on investment if you claimed the SEIS tax relief available.

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a Government initiative designed to encourage investment in early stage UK start-ups. The scheme encourages investment in SEIS eligible companies by allowing investors to claim substantial tax relief on their investment.

The main benefit is that if you pay UK income tax you can claim 50% of your investment back against your income tax.

After you make your investment we will provide you with everything you need to claim SEIS tax relief - it's very easy and we have already completed this for a number of existing investors. No accountants necessary, just a quick online form.

£5,000. This is to keep our company ownership clean and simple.

The more the better from our perspective. Depending on where we are in our raise anything up to £200,000.

The annual limits that apply to the investment amount on which individuals can claim income tax and Capital Gains Tax re-investment reliefs under SIES is £200,000.

After making your investment we'll provide you with a unique ongoing discount code. The code will cover the cost of a loaf + free delivery for customers making a £5,000 investment, and £20 a week + free delivery for customers making a £10,000+ investment. The one year perks will cover 52 deliveries (over whatever time period you need). Likewise, the three year perk will cover 156 deliveries.

If your bundle is larger than the value of the discount then the full value of the discount will be deducted from the cost of your bundle each week.

We have arrived at a valuation of £2.5 thought several methods.

  1. We've benchmarked ourselves against the valuations of other start-ups in our sector with annual sales of £500,000.
  2. We've projected our sales out until end-2027 and believe that with 4 years of executing against our plan we can achieve a valuation of £50m within 3 years. Discounting for time and risk, a £2.5m valuation represents good value.
  3. We've had discussions with UK early-stage investors who see the valuation as good value.

Against the backdrop of SEIS which enables investors in this round to claim +50% of their investment back in the form of tax relief, we believe a £2.5m valuation is highly competitive.

If you know anyone that could be interested in this opportunity, please share this page with them or put them in touch with me at


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Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Investments should only be made by those investors who understand and accept these risks.